About The Program

If you suffer from severe jaw misalignment and need extensive surgery to correct the issue, the Facial Reconstruction program is the perfect opportunity for you. The goal of this program is to find one deserving community member whose oral health is deteriorating because of jaw issues and provide them with the surgical procedure(s) necessary to correct these issues at no cost to them. At Utah Surgical Arts, we understand that the need for oral surgery is often accompanied by a lack of ability to afford it, which is why we are launching this program. Drs. Park, Harris, and Brown will assess each applicant before determining a recipient and forming a treatment plan to fit their needs. We look forward to hearing your story.

About Facial Reconstruction

A person’s ability to smile and use their mouth properly often has a large impact on their overall life. At Utah Surgical Arts, we want everyone to be able to enjoy proper oral function and a beautiful smile they can be proud of. When you suffer from jaw issues, this can be nearly impossible, which is why we are proud to announce our Facial Reconstruction program. The recipient of this program, selected by Drs. Harris, Park, and Brown, will be given the opportunity to have their jaw issues corrected and their oral health improved. Following the end of the application period, each candidate will be reviewed and scheduled for a consultation, where our oral surgeons will evaluate their conditions, listen to their stories, and ultimately decide on the recipient they feel best fits with the goals of this program.

Why You Should Apply

Many people who have severe jaw issues know they could undergo surgery to fix their problems but more often than not, they cannot afford treatment. If this is true for you or someone you love, then the Facial Reconstruction program is the perfect opportunity for you. We encourage anyone whose oral health is suffering because of jaw issues to apply. The decision regarding the recipient will be based on several factors, and while it will be hard choosing just one deserving community member, in the end, a patient will receive the highest quality oral care and a corrective jaw procedure that will have them smiling again in no time. Please apply to our program now for the opportunity to fix your jaw and improve your oral health.

Dr. Michael D. Harris, DDS, MD

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with both a dental and medical degree, I am always looking for new ways to combine my skills to help people toward better health and a better life. I am proud to offer the Facial Reconstruction at Utah Surgical Arts because I know that there are many people who can benefit from a corrective jaw procedure that simply cannot afford it. While it will be tough to choose just one recipient from a multitude of candidates, I look forward to the journey of helping this person solve their jaw problems and start their new life with improved oral health and function. I know that the entire skilled team here at Utah Surgical Arts looks forward to providing the compassionate and top-quality care that this community deserves.

Dr. David A. Park, DDS, MD

Working as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon has given me ample opportunity to work with patients and find innovative solutions to complex problems. Launching the Facial Reconstruction program at Utah Surgical Arts is another way for our entire team to help a deserving member of this community achieve better oral health and function. This program is a unique opportunity for us to give someone with severe jaw issues the treatment they need at no cost to them. I know that it will be extremely difficult to choose one recipient from a pool of extremely deserving applicants, but the reward of helping someone along this journey will be worth it. I know there is a great need for oral health services in our community, and I am proud to be a part of this life-changing opportunity for those in need.

Dr. Jared M. Brown, DDS, MD

One of the toughest things the team at Utah Surgical Arts encounters is patients who are in need of oral health services but cannot afford proper treatment. I am proud to be a part of the Utah Surgical Arts team as we announce the launch of our Facial Reconstruction program because I know what an amazing opportunity it will be for a member of this community. Choosing a single recipient from the pool of deserving applicants, while it will be tough, will be rewarding for our entire team. We look forward to hearing the stories of each applicant and are extremely proud to be able to offer this chance for free treatment. We are excited to be able to provide such top-quality care to those in need and hope you apply for this life-changing opportunity.

Utah Surgical Arts

At our practice, we are proud of the wide variety of services we offer, and strive to find comprehensive solutions for each of our patients. We are dedicated to developing the right treatment for each individual’s specific condition and to providing compassionate and high-quality care. Our entire team is committed to getting you the best results, and you can rest assured that when you come to our office for treatment, you are getting the best. We strive to ensure your comfort and safety and are devoted to patient satisfaction. We look forward to meeting you and are readily available to assist you with all your needs.

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Though we can only choose one recipient, your opportunity is still great. We encourage you to share your story or the story of someone you love; the Facial Reconstruction Program is offered every year.

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